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"Nurturing the Highest Aspirations of the Human Spirit Through the Arts"


From Mrs. Sandy Baron, Magnet Lead Teacher

The students who are accepted into the Magnet Arts program at South Miami Middle Community School center for the Arts are guided through their specific arts education with the above quote as their main focus. Our teachers are constantly working to advance the students in their commitment to their art, as well as being supportive of their academic instruction. Our teachers' talent and commitment, along with our students' energy, excitement, and enthusiasm makes for amazing results. The support and cooperation we receive from our administration, faculty, and staff creates an environment of respect, admiration and success.






Program Highlights

• Fully equipped art, music, dance and production studios
• Professional visiting artists and teachers
• Intensive arts training and enhanced performance skills
• A 460 seat auditorium for performances
• Integrated computer technology curriculum
• Full-time academic gifted program and advanced classes
• After-school care and tutorial programs
• ESOL and ESE classes
• Involved Parent Booster Group.
• Field trips throughout the United States


South Miami Middle is committed to the middle school concept of promoting success for each student. In addition to excellent academic instruction, students obtain professional training in art, broadcast arts, dance, music, photography and theatre. Talented students spend two consecutive hours each day absorbed in the theory and practice of their arts' discipline. As a result of this intensive training, students can successfully compete and many are accepted to Arts magnets programs at the high school level.

Selection Process

Students are selected to the Center for the Arts at South Miami Middle through an application and audition process. Students audition for one discipline. The audition process is based on talent, potential and maturity.

Apply Early!

Our reputation for excellence, combined with our limited space, means that the Center for the Arts at South Miami Middle is in great demand. To apply, request the application of your child's choice through the school's magnet program. Applications are available in October and will be accepted through January 15 for the following school year. For more information, please call our magnet secretary at 305.661.3481.



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